• Danger Close...
    Task Force Afghanistan
    Corporals Belinda Merritt (left) and Sheldon Crawford (right), both of Task Force 1-08 Military Police Company, are close to the action in Pashmul, Afghanistan in September 2008.
  • Community Policing
    Ottawa, ON
    An MP from CFSU(O) provides a tour of a patrol car during 2013 Community Days, Ottawa ON.
  • Waterborne Patrol
    Halifax, NS
    Two MP from Military Police Unit (Halifax) provide waterborne security for a USN visitor.
  • Aircraft Security
    Military Police providing aircraft security in Mali during a recent deployment.
  • Police Memorial
    Ottawa, ON
    Lieutenant Colonel Brian Frei and Chief Petty Officer 1st Class Sylvain Bolduc lead the Military Police contingent at the 2013 Police Officer Memorial Parade 2013.
  • TF Afghanistan
    P-OMLT Dand District
    Corporal Suzanna Long, from a Police Operational Mentor and Liaison Team (P-OMLT), interacts with Afghan children during a presence patrol in the Dand District.

    (Photo courtesy of Combat Camera)

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